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Benefits of a High Quality Multi-Vitamin

Why should I take a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement anyway?

Telomeres_Multivitamin_BlogToday’s diets are depleted of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients due to the decreasing quality of our food supply and busy lifestyles.

Can a multi-vitamin really keep you younger, longer?

Research has shown that taking a multi-vitamin may indeed keep you younger, longer!! A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that people who take a daily multivitamin had younger DNA. This study found those who took a multivitamin had 5.1% longer telomeres (by modulating oxidative stress and chronic inflammation) than non-users. Telomeres are part of your DNA that protect your chromosomes, and are thought to be a marker of biological aging. The shorter your telomeres, the more your at risk for serious diseases.

Benefits of a complete hypo-allergenic, nutrient rich, highly bioavailable multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, & trace element supplement:

  • Increased energy and mental clarity
  • Antioxidants important for cardiovascular, immune, and cellular health
  • Support various physiological functions, including nervous system health, bone health, nutrient and hormone metabolism, and glucose utilization
  • Chelated minerals for optimal absorption
  • Optimal health and longevity
  • Improved academic performance

A recent study in the journal Pediatrics revealed teenagers who consume higher amounts of the B-vitamin Folate, have higher academic scores compared to teens with lower levels.

We recommend using a high quality multivitamin/mineral supplement available through your health care professional/doctor as they are superior in many ways to what is available over-the-counter. For example, they typically have more absorbable (bioavailable) forms of specific nutrients and minerals in more clinically relevant dosages (based upon research and clinical results), and without artificial flavors, colors, and fillers!

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