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Success Stories (Testimonials)

success-storiesI had dealt with unexplained gut related issues for 3 years and saw several gastroenterologists, all of whom ran basic tests and said I was fine. When you know your body is struggling with something and no regular doctor can give you answers, it’s so unbelievably frustrating. I was tired of not getting any answers and had started doing my own research online about naturopathic medicine. Slowly but surely I started understanding the benefits of natural medicine and was able to come to some conclusions about my gut symptoms. I came to the quick realization that I needed to see a naturopathic doctor in my area as soon as possible.
My first visit with Dr. Nate was the best doctor visit I’ve ever had in my life! We spent over an hour discussing ALL of my symptoms, and he did not hesitate to set up several laboratory tests in order to get to the bottom of it! I was so freaking happy that I had found a doctor that genuinely cared about me and wanted to see me get better. My test results came back positive for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and as odd as it sounds, I was absolutely thrilled to finally have an accurate diagnosis! After 3 years of regular doctors telling me I was fine, there’s no way I had SIBO or any other gut related issue, I finally had an answer! Dr. Nate explained my treatment options and we quickly set up a plan to cure SIBO. After treating with Dr. Nate and trying a few different approaches, I am now back to normal levels of gut bacteria and am symptom free! I do not know where I’d be if I had not found Dr. Nate. Not only has he help me, but he’s also greatly helped my spouse with her gut related issues!
I truly feel that so many people could benefit from naturopathic medicine. Do yourself a favor and visit Champion Naturopathic Health. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Nate and look forward to continuing to see him as my primary doctor!


I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when I was 8 years old (currently 28 y/o). Since then I have suffered flares ranging from a few weeks to a few years. I would take prescription medication but was always told that nothing would ever help prevent flares, only reduce the symptoms once there. This was incredibly frustrating for me; I wanted to find ways to heal my colon, not just make it through one more flare.

Last year I decided to look into natural medicine, feeling particularly frustrated and worn down by my symptoms. I came upon Champion Naturopathic Health and Dr. Nate Champion through an online search. It was a godsend. At my first visit with Dr. Champion, I was blown away that not only did he completely empathize with my struggle (having had UC himself), but really listened to my concerns. We talked for 2 hours that first visit and he set up a healing plan immediately. I couldn’t believe the time he took with me, asking me not only about my physical symptoms but how I was feeling emotionally about it all. He really cared.

At this time, I was suffering from a particularly bad flare that had lasted almost a year. I was anxious to get started with the process he recommended. I can honestly say that within 3 days of beginning my program there were visible results. It blew me away that natural medicine could help as well as it did. I loved feeling like not only was I healing my colon, but my body as a whole. Along the way, as in any treatment, I have had my ups and downs, and Dr. Champion has been there to talk with me and tweak my program as needed. He has even been available to talk about specific concerns over the phone if need be. Dr. Champion encouraged my husband to come to a visit as well, again promoting holistic healing for me, and my family. He understands that UC is not something you fight alone. This has been unlike any doctors’ visits I have ever experienced.

I am thrilled to say that I am symptom free right now and feel great! I love knowing that any medicine I am putting into my body is whole, good, and natural. I cannot thank Dr. Champion enough for his support and help. I highly recommend his services.

– L.B.

I cannot recommend Dr. Nita and Champion Naturopathic health enough! After struggling for years with hormone issues and female health problems, I feel like Dr. Nita was able to get my body into a more natural balance. And not only that – I also feel as though she was instrumental in helping us get pregnant with both of my kiddos. Originally, I had been told I would probably not be able to have children without some sort of intervention (infertility treatments, etc), but after working with Dr. Nita for several months we amazingly found out we were pregnant with my son! She was also proactive in getting me on a Progesterone cream to decrease my chances of a miscarriage (which I have sadly learned is NOT the standard with most other health care options). She has been instrumental in the health of both my pregnancies and post-partum health, and I will forever be grateful for her vast expertise, knowledge, skill, perspective, and character. She is incredibly kind, thorough, patient, and listens to your every concern – as is everyone at the practice! I am blessed to be a patient of theirs and even feel as though I can call them friends… Trust me, you won’t regret giving them a try if you’re looking for first rate naturopathic care!

Jess D. 

I was at a total loss as to what was happening to my gut after some major surgery left me with a wide range of symptoms of what turned out to be SIBO. After following his advice on diet and taking his recommended supplements, I can now say my SIBO is GONE! I am always amazed at how much more helpful he was/is compared to my regular doctors who, for months, were sending me down various paths, never once suggesting the relatively simple tests that Dr. Nate Champion recommended. Some supplements were a little pricey but it has been totally worth it. If your ‘regular’ doctors aren’t getting to the bottom of your problems, I highly recommend the naturopathic approach and Dr. Nate Champion.

Sally W. 

Working with Dr. Nate Champion has been such a huge blessing in my life! Prior to meeting with him, I struggled for years and years and years with digestive woes that no one seemed to be able to diagnose. Throughout those years, I was tested for food allergies, gallbladder function, ulcers, kidney stones, autoimmune issues, colon issues, and more – all for my test results to come back with no issues or flags. I met multiple times with gastroenterologists who, because they were never able to find an answer for me, basically gave up on me and stopped listening. Knowing that I couldn’t continue to live my life with as many symptoms as I was experiencing, I started my journey with Dr. Champion. With some easy testing, I was quickly diagnosed with SIBO (which, was NEVER discussed anywhere prior to coming here) and started a treatment plan ASAP. I would be lying if I said the treatment plan was easy, because it takes some work and some time to heal but now that I am on the other side I am SO SO SO thrilled and beyond thankful that I went on this journey. Never in my life have I ever felt this good. Healing all of my gut issues not only helped making eating food and traveling more enjoyable again but has helped me feel so much more energized AND I have rarely been sick with any other issues – colds, flu, etc. I honestly struggled for such a long time before this, that I didn’t know it was possible to feel this good.

In addition to healing my gut, I just so sincerely appreciate how I was treated as a patient here. Dr. Champion takes the time to really listen to your individual story, is empathetic and super caring. On my personal journey, finding someone that cared this much and took time to listen was rare.

I would highly recommend meeting with Dr. Champion for any and all digestive issues. It was a TOTAL game changer for me! I have already recommended so many friends and will continue to do so.

Alli B. 

Me and my partner had struggled to get pregnant with our first child. I liked my primary doctor but the typical tests they take all came back ‘normal’ and the advice was to just keep trying. I had been tracking things very carefully and knew there was something more going on. That’s when I decided to see Dr. Nita, she is an amazing listener and spends the time to get the full story of what may be causing any symptoms and then had me tested for the proper labs. After getting these results and starting on some supplements I got pregnant on the very next cycle! When we were ready for our second child, I went back to Dr. Nita and am now pregnant again. I would definitely recommend this clinic for anyone trying to get pregnant and not getting the answers you’re looking for elsewhere.


Amazing Experience!
Dr. Nate Champion is friendly, compassionate, trustworthy, and understanding. I am blessed to have found their clinic and continue to refer him to anyone who will listen. I am grateful to be feeling well again thanks to a very specific supplement regimen and his guidance after years of digestive issues. The supplements and diet changes suggestions were strict and he was completely understanding when it has taken me a couple weeks to be fully on board.
I would highly recommend meeting with Dr. Champion for any and all digestive issues.

Angel H. 

I had never been to Naturopathic Practitioner before, but after years and years of gut issues, among other things, I was desperate to try something else. No one seemed to listen and when I stepped into Dr. Nita’s office, she did. For the first time, I felt like someone actually wanted to hear all the details of my sickness and help me put the puzzle pieces back together. She was incredibly thorough, knows her stuff, she had answers and ideas I had never heard of, and she brought me hope. After doing some testing, I now know exactly what was wrong, and am on the road to recovery. I wish I would have bit the bullet and stepped in to see her years a go. If you are unsure/on the fence about trying something new, Champion Naturopathic Health is a safe place to go!

Jenna E.

Starting in 2009 when I was 17 years old, I began to experience some of the most uncomfortable stomach pain and bloating, along with having about 10-12 bowel movements a day. There were times where I would have to leave the table in the middle of a meal and rush to the bathroom to make it. I saw my family doctor where she diagnosed me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) from looking at my food intake and a chart of when I would go to the bathroom along with the type of stool I was experiencing. I was being treated for IBS for a couple of years and I had good and bad days, even with being on my prescribed medicine. After awhile, I began to get frustrated with taking medication that was not working as well as I would have liked it to. So I stopped taking the medicine and basically tolerated the pain.

In 2010/2011 my symptoms were less frequent than the previous years, but then in 2011/2012 the symptoms increased again. It was hard to understand where it was all coming from because I was in and out of pain for a couple of years at such random times. So I finally decided that it was time to try a new route so I began to document my food intake and a chart of when I would go to the bathroom along with the type of stool I was experiencing. I got referred to see a Colon and Rectal Specialist where they performed a Colonoscopy and diagnosed me with having Microscopic Collagenous Colitis.

After being diagnosed with Microscopic Collagenous Colitis, I also began to see a Gastroenterologist (GI) where they were treating me for my Colitis as well as my IBS. I was put on steroids many different times and at times I was positive they were working, until I had to take a lower dosage and began to experience all of my symptoms once again. My Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN) doctor who became my primary care doctor, referred me to see Dr. Nate Champion in 2013, but I knew that it was going to be a lot of money since insurance does not help out much with seeing a Naturopathic doctor so I continued to see my GI doctor. My GI kept trying new medicines and dosages to try and get me symptom free, which I never was. A year later when I went in for my yearly check up with my OBGYN, she asked me how my stomach was doing and I told her that not much had changed and again referred me to Dr. Nate Champion, saying that I really needed to go and see him and that the GI was no longer a good choice for me.

I talked with my parents and they agreed that I needed another opinion to get to the bottom cause of my pain. I finally started seeing Dr. Nate Champion in December 2014 and I was beyond impressed with him, as well as my parents. The first appointment he gets to know you and learns about your life before he even starts talking about your diagnosis and further treatment plans. Dr. Nate Champion performed multiple tests and found that I have what they call Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO), also known as a leaky gut and also found a large amount of yeast overgrowth in my colon. He put me on a very strict diet and I saw improvements quite rapidly.

Dr. Nate Champion is very personable and is a great doctor who I would recommend to anyone that was in need of help in an area of his expertise. I know it is not the cheapest but I was putting in a lot of money to doctors where I was not getting positive results from, so seeing Dr. Nate Champion has been well worth it for me. I do not remember the last time I was feeling as great as I do now and I owe a huge thanks to Dr. Nate Champion for all of his hard work to help me feel better.

Bridget P. 

Dr Nate Champion has been a huge blessing. Right away he ran a panel of tests to determine why I was feeling unwell – the results that came back explained all of my symptoms. No other doctor – traditional or natural – had been able to get to the root cause of my symptoms. Dr Champion is compassionate, understanding + very intelligent. I fully trust his expertise. I am so thankful to be feeling well again thanks to a very specific supplement regimen + his guidance.

Highly, highly recommend!

Lisa T. 

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Nita Champion. When I went to see her, I felt like I was knocking on death’s door. I had constant PMS symptoms, bleeding and the most intense fatigue. With four children ages 7 and under I could barely function.

It turns out all of my hormones were in the tank and I had adrenal fatigue, estrogen dominance and anemia. My regular doctor wanted to put me on birth control pills (estrogen!) which would have made things worse! I knew deep down there was something wrong and refused to take the advice of my doctor.

Since we don’t have any Naturopathic doctors where I live, I drove 5 hours to see Dr. Champion. I’m happy to report with her help my bleeding stopped, PMS went away as did my chronic fatigue. I finally feel like “me” again…one who is filled with boundless energy!

Mariah D. 

I have been seeing Dr. Nathan Champion for four months now and I can’t say enough about the progress I have made in my health since my first visit.
The care and concern that comes from this office is absolutely genuine and I would point any one of my family or friends in their direction!

Kristina H. 

After being diagnosed with GERD and a possible hiatal hernia at age 62, the number of prescriptions I took each day more than doubled. Predicting this as just the beginning of taking meds for this & that, and subsequently taking more meds to counter side effects, I was hoping there might be an alternative treatment. I tried raising the head of my bed and consuming nothing after 7:00pm but continued having the symptoms every night. A friend referred me to Dr. Nita Champion.

With the help of Dr. Champion I was able to alleviate the GERD completely. During the year and a half that I’ve worked with Dr. Champion I have also lowered my cholesterol and been able to get that and my blood sugar back into a healthy range. I felt a trust and respect for Dr. Nita Champion as soon as we met and particularly loved her warmth, candor and real interest in my overall health. I have learned that she is very highly regarded in the natural care community.

– Jo R.

After years of my daughter struggling with stomach issues including pain, not digesting food, and many more symptoms that she would not want me to publicly write about, we found Dr. Nate Champion.

My 17-year old daughter filled out a rather lengthy questionnaire and when we went to the appointment he spent 2 hours with us and you could tell he had already read through the full questionnaire. Based on her answers in person and in the survey he suspected the condition of SIBO but testing was needed. He set up some tests at independent labs for her and after a couple of weeks the test results came back as SIBO and a couple of other issues.

We had never heard of small intestine bacteria overgrowth but she tested off the charts. (prior to going to Dr. Champion she had gone to many doctors for every imaginable test including an upper GI and colonoscopy, and it’s frustrating to find out this simple breath test was never performed by them).

Dr. Champion set up a treatment plan which was a little difficult (strict diet and supplements), but I’m so happy to report that after a few months of treatment she was pretty much cured of this terrible condition. We couldn’t have done it without Dr. Champion and we are so appreciative. She has to be careful not to eat certain foods that could make her relapse but he knows what he’s talking about and is so helpful during the process. I can’t even express how thankful we are to finally have answers to why her stomach pain would not go away and thankful to have found Dr. Champion.

Laurie E. 

I have been a client of Dr. Nita Champion since after treatments for breast cancer in 2013. The first time we met, my goal was to rid my body of all of the toxins from treatment. Dr. Champion took the time before my appointment to research the chemo drugs that were used so that she could provide more specific treatment for my goal. I am seeing her again, 2015, this time to help mitigate side effects of Tamoxifen, a medication I take to reduce the risk of recurrence of breast cancer. Once again, Dr. Champion did her research about Tamoxifen to better customize my treatment. I so appreciate Dr Champion for her great care.

Mary E. 

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2008. I had suffered with one severe flare for 4 years. I was placed on medications that never helped and would barely even mask my symptoms. I became very depressed and suffered with severe anxiety because of it. I pushed many people out of my life and never wanted to leave my home.

Last year, I decided I couldn’t live my life that way anymore and conventional medicine wasn’t working. So I started talking to some people and found Dr. Nate.

He has been an absolute blessing! He listened to me when no other doctor would. My first appointment with him we went through everything, not just my Crohn’s symptoms but my anxiety about it as well. I left that appointment feeling optimistic about my future, a feeling I hadn’t felt in a very long time.  Just a few months after that day I was feeling so good and after about 6 months I had never felt better in all my life. I have had my ups and downs throughout the year but my downs are no where near what that had been before him.

I am so happy to report I have my life back and look forward to what the future holds for me. I am so grateful to have Dr. Nate in my corner and thank him for listening to me when no one else would.

– Casey O.

Having undergone a number of uncomfortable tests with the same answer from both the gasteroenterologist and the family practitioner: “everything is fine”, I decided to see Dr Nita Champion to figure out why I was having so many tummy issues (nausea, vomiting). She ordered one lab test & came up with a diagnosis (bacterial overgrowth/dysbiosis). We were able to treat (and fix) the problem. I continue to see her for other more common ailments (anxiety, high cholesterol, high blood pressure) and have recommended her and will continue to recommend her to anyone that wants to feel better without medicating! She is amazing!”

– K.G.

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 17 years ago (I’m currently 41). At the time of the initial diagnosis, I had little understanding of the disease and spent the next 15 years dealing with frequent flares that were treated with heavy doses of prednisone and other harsh medications. UC impacted every area of my life and I lived in constant fear of my next flare.

About 2 years ago, I grew tired of being sick and was ready to make a change in how I approached my treatment. I am so grateful that I found Dr. Nate Champion in my search. After my first appointment, I knew I was on to something that would be life changing. Dr. Champion really listened to me and took the time to understand my story. After extensive testing and information gathering, Dr. Champion developed a comprehensive treatment plan for me. Within the first year, I was symptom free and off of the medication that produced awful side effects and presented a high risk of doing long-term damage to my body. My symptoms continue to be manged with lifestyle changes, nutrition adjustments, and supplements. I am also more emotionally balanced with the support of homeopathic remedies. When I find myself losing focus with my treatment plan, Dr. Champion is there to provide me with non-judgemental encouragement and support.

Since my work with Dr. Champion, I have found significant improvement in my overall quality of life. Dr. Champion has become a valuable part of my wellness support system. He is kind, invested in me and impressively knowledgeable. I no longer feel controlled by UC. Without hesitation, I recommend Dr. Champion to anyone who is interested in feeling better and improving the quality of their life.

– Maureen I.

I came to see Dr. Nate Champion, per a recommendation from a family member, after many months of suffering from a severe anxiety/depression episode. I had tried many different anti depressants that gave me no relief and only caused numerous unpleasant side affects. I had also tried a very expensive and extremely uncomfortable treatment called TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) that initially looked promising while I was having it, but did not end up helping me once I was done with the treatments. I had fears that I would never be well again and did not know where to turn. I had no faith that anyone could help me, and only reluctantly, agreed to meet with Dr. Champion. I had my husband attend the first appointment with me as I was so filled with anxiety that I didn’t think I could sit through a two hour appointment and be able to focus for that long of a time. Dr. Champion was very sensitive, patient, thorough, and encouraging and said he felt very confident that he could help me with homeopathy. I left that appointment feeling a little bit hopeful for the first time in a long time. I still was very skeptical, but I was willing to give homeopathy and the nutritional program a try. In a few weeks, I noticed that my anxiety was beginning to decrease and I was able to start weaning off of the benzodiazepine anti-anxiety medication that I had been taking regularly. With each subsequent visit (spaced about three weeks apart) I noted slight improvements in my well being and even though at the time, I was very impatient, and not always able to recognize and rejoice in my progress, Dr. Champion and people close to me could see considerable improvement in my condition. It is now four months later and I am so thrilled to report that I am feeling 100% like my normal self again.

I am so incredibly grateful to Dr. Champion for his expertise in guiding me back to health and giving me my life back. I am now a firm believer in homeopathy and feel so fortunate to have had such a positive experience with Champion Naturopathic Health.

– Diane R.

After wrestling for three years with a significant problem with insomnia, a careful and comprehensive assessment by Dr. Nate Champion resulted in a combination of homeopathic and natural medicine recommendations that largely resolved the problem over the course of one month. Anyone meeting with him can expect the same kind of thoughtful and individualized approach to treatment. I highly recommend him for a wide range of presenting concerns.

– David A.

I have had to battle with anxiety for the last 8 years. Dr. Nate Champion’s natural treatments were a major piece in getting my mind and body working correct again. It is awesome to feel and think without the cloud of anxiety over my head.

– Dave H.

When I was 45, I experienced my first ear infection in my life. One day I woke up just not feeling right, dizzy and nauseous. I went to the doctor and discovered I had a severe middle ear infection – or Acute Otitis Media. After two rounds of antibiotics, my doctor thought the problem was resolved. What I was left with was a loss of hearing, tinnitis (hissing in the ears) and eustachian tube dysfunction (when the ears are stuck “open” or feel like they need popping). This happened eight more times in the next two years. I was sent to an allergist and an ENT who told me that there was nothing wrong except the eustachian tube dysfunction and that I would have this chronic condition the rest of my life. These doctors offered me anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicine and told me to learn to live with it. Because of this, I had lost over 6 weeks of work and my quality of life was severely affected. I either couldn’t hear when people were talking directly to me, or I couldn’t hear anything but the sound of my own voice. Not only this, but the rounds and rounds of antibiotics left me with a weaker immune system than I already had resulting in skin infections from yeast and numerous colds which would start the whole cycle all over again. The conventional doctors I was seeing thought this was acceptable.

I had been sick for three years and was miserable. Finally, a friend of mine said, “why don’t you go see a naturopathic doctor. They may be able to do something for you that conventional doctors are not trained to do.” She gave me Dr. Nate Champion’s number and since I made this call, I am healthier and happier than I have been in years. Dr. Champion assessed my symptoms and we discussed the possible underlying issues. The first thing we discovered is that I have 13 different food sensitivities that caused my body to react with allergy like symptoms including sinusitis and middle ear swelling and fluid build-up. We tested my Vitamin D level that is essential in a properly functioning immune system. We found that my D level was far below acceptable. Next he assessed my digestive function, which was sluggish and added some enzymes to my diet. After all of this, I am symptom free and I am working to enhance my health with a diet that avoids the foods that I react to and continue to take the supplements Dr. Champion has recommended to help heal and improve my respiratory and digestive systems.

My health problems were not permanent and something that I just needed to learn to deal with as traditional doctors had told me for years. They were treatable and reversible with a change in diet and an addition of much-needed vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements.

Thank you Dr. Champion!

– K.P.

I have suffered from chronic sinusitis since the age of 26. I was on antibiotics 3 or more times a year and in the last couple of years had to be on Allegra D every single day plus heavy amounts of ibuprofen. Dr. Nate Champion put me on an individualized natural medicine program to strengthen my immune system and to help with my allergies. The results have been FANTASTIC!!! I feel 10 years younger and have had no sinus infections since seeing him over these last 5 months. After started the natural remedies, I was able to discontinue all of my other medications/pharmaceuticals!

Thank you Dr. Champion!!

– Joan L.

Out of the blue my 12 year old daughter started experiencing severe stomach pains and bloating, she was lethargic, not herself, and missing school/activities. This started our 4-month battle of being tossed between her pediatrician, gastroenterologist and therapists, which only resulted in unnecessary tests/prescriptions and a diagnosis of IBS. They wrote us off and seemed unwilling to help us anymore.

When she did not improve and continued feeling ill and depressed every single day; I was referred to Dr. Nate Champion. At our first appointment with Dr. Champion I remember thinking finally someone believes us! We left that day with tests in hand none of which had been offered to us by her other doctors. A few weeks later we had our results and a plan. With Dr. Champion’s help we have gotten my daughter back to herself, back to school and back to LIFE and without any pharmaceutical prescriptions!

Don’t wait one more second let Dr. Champion help you! My only regret is not contacting him sooner.

– Juli and Lauren M.

I had struggled since my 30’s with acid reflux and esophageal cramping to the point when in my late 40’s I ended up in the office of GI doctor for esophageal dilation of the lower esophageal sphincter and he prescribed omeprazole for the acid reflux. Then a year later going to the ER with food caught in my esophagus and another esophageal dilation after that (via upper endoscopy). After that my GI doc said I had eosinophilic esophagitis and that treatment in addition to dilation was to swallow albuterol inhaler material with the hope of reducing the inflammation. The GI doc said yes, this what they tell you not to do in order to avoid thrush (infection of the throat). I’ve also struggled with high cholesterol, lipids and triglycerides, depression and anxiety.

So about 3 years ago I started seeing Doctor Nate Champion in order to avoid swallowing albuterol and thrush. In that process, he provided very useful guidance on making changes to my eating habits and starting me on several natural supplements and products to reduce inflammation, reduce cholesterol, lipids and triglycerides. He recommended homeopathic remedies that allowed me to get off the omeprazole, and eliminate the acid reflux. The remedies have also improved my mood and I have not had to have another esophageal dilation in the three years I have been seeing Dr. Champion. I am now starting to consider phasing off the depression meds that I have been on since 2008 with help from Dr. Champion.


My treatment with Dr. Nate Champion has changed my life. I had been having progressive digestive trouble that had been noticeable since I was in middle school. I saw others before him that provided no real solution and seemed to be “taking a stab” at my treatment. Nate listened to my symptoms and concerns, followed through with testing, then we began a concise treatment plan. Several months later my digestive symptoms dropped off, I found that I had much more energy, required much less rest, had more ambition than I can ever remember, and had more focus and attentiveness. I can’t remember ever feeling physically better. I have also struggled on and off with severe anxiety and depression since I was 15. All of these issues have subsided with the correction of my gut as well.

Thank you Doctor Champion!

– Craig J.

I came to Dr. Nate Champion covered in a rash, nearly head to toe, and absolutely miserable. Having dealt with allergy issues for most of my life, I was avoiding going to my typical doctor because I knew the result would be a prescription for steroids. I was tired of receiving treatment that masked the problem, not solved it. I was blown away with the amount of time Dr. Champion spent with me at my intake appointment (about two hours). I also loved his approach and outlook on health. I felt like, for the first time in my life, a doctor was getting to know me and the issues I was dealing with. We discovered that I have some pretty serious food sensitivities. I cut out all of the offending foods which, while difficult, provided immediate improvement in my condition. I am happy to say that, 3 months later, I am back to my normal self (actually, better than my previous normal self) and feeling great. I am forever thankful to Dr. Champion for his care and would highly recommend him to anyone (and have)!

– SW

I’ve suffered from depression, anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia for over 20 years. Last summer my anti-depressant stopped working. I began taking amino acids and B vitamins that I had read about and I was able to come out of the depression. However, I still wasn’t at 100%.

I decided to see Dr. Nate Champion and he prescribed me a homeopathic medicine that he said would help with my depression, insomnia, and in addition some prostate issues. I started to feel better with my mood, sleep, and anxiety within the first few days of beginning the homeopathic remedy. It’s been about 6-8 weeks and I’m feeling so good I’m weaning off my anti-depressant. Regarding my prostate issues, I use to get up 5-6 times per night to go to the bathroom. Now I get up typically 0-1 times per night. I sleep much better and a lot of time my mood makes me feel the way I did when I was 19 years old and never knew anxiety and depression.

– RG 

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