Bekah Schulz

bekah_webBekah graduated from Luther College with degrees in Biology and Environmental Studies. She is passionate about living holistically in all aspects of life, and has had the privilege of working on two organic farms post-college – growing organic fruits and veggies and milking jersey cows. Due to persistent health issues, many attempts to heal, and no progress, Bekah turned to naturopathic medicine for answers. In the long-term, Bekah dreams about combining farming and healing in a place where people can find rest and retreat. In the right-now, she is overjoyed to assist patients in their journey toward healing, as she has seen how impactful holistic medicine has been in her own life.

When she’s not working, Bekah loves doing anything that involves being active, gettin’ dirty, and spending time outside – hiking, running, biking, walking, skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, camping, gardening…! She also enjoys spending quality time with her family and can often be found making yummy food in the kitchen and plotting how to convince her family to buy chickens.